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    2. Career Development of Employees
      • Establish a three-level training system, create a learning organization

      • Fuda Group creates a learning organization and actively provides its employees with lifetime learning and development support to ensure that their capabilities meet the requirements for the fulfillment of the company’s strategic goals. We have established a three-level training network for our employees and organized different types of training at different levels.

      • 1、Company’s training:
        開We organize and offer orientation training for new employees, academic education (junior college and above. After the study is completed, the college will issue a graduation diploma. The company may choose to run a class with a college or university. Individuals will apply for reimbursement of tuition or be dispatched to the college or university to study. The majors and specialties will be determined by the company according to its business requirements), cadre training, training for special types of jobs, special training (including various senior training seminars like EMBA and MBA, special business training such as for improving post management skills. The employees can be dispatched out to study, or the company may co-run such a seminar with a college or university, or invite experts to give lectures in the company, and the like), Lecture Hall of Fuda.
      • 2、Department’s training: Skills upgrading training, project training.

      • 3、Post training:
        Probation of new employees, multiple abilities training (including qualification certificate training for employees taking special types of jobs such as forklift truck driver, accountant, electrician and welder. Each company will proceed with different formalities of the certificates such as application, annual verification and continued education).

      • Career Development Channels

      • Fuda Group has developed Administrative Regulations on Career Development of Employees, set five career channels and constantly helped the employees upgrade their working abilities through career diagnosis, guide of qualification standards, promotion of qualification and certification and support of training platforms, so as to enable the employees to be fit for higher positions gradually and realize their ideal of career development.

      Salary and Welfare
      1、The company provides competitive salaries, fair chances of promotion and salary adjustment, and offers a chance for salary adjustment every year.
      2、The company pays five social insurances and one housing fund as well as accident insurance for the employees.
      3、The company provides apartments to university students. Graduates and core talents will be provided with a house per person (two rooms and one living room), and four undergraduate students will share a house (two rooms and one living room). The houses are all equipped with air-conditioner, water heater, beds, desks and chairs, etc.
      5、A working system of five and a half days (40 hours every week), 7.5 hours/day from Monday to Friday, and 2.5 hours in the morning of Saturday.
      6、Statutory holidays specified by the state. The employees will enjoy a paid annual leave after working for the company for at least one full year: a paid annual leave of five days for those having worked for the company for 1-10 years (excluded); a paid annual leave of 10 days for those having worked for 10-20 years; and a paid annual leave of 15 days for those having worked for over 20 years.
      7、Paid time-off: marital leave, funeral leave, maternity leave, nursing leave and exam leave.
      8、Every year the company will organize free trips for advanced employees such as excellent employees, advanced workers, model workers and innovation models.
      9、The company organizes the in-duty employees to take an annual health checkup.
      10、The indoor stadium and outdoor basketball courts will save the gym fees for you and keep you fit and slim.
      11、Canteens: The company opens canteens for the employees and meal allowance.
      12、Welfare facilities: The employees can enjoy and use all entertainment facilities in the park for free.
      13、Cinema and reading room: The company’s large indoor cinema and reading room are opened to the employees for free regularly.
      14、Recreational and sports activities: Large-scale activities will be organized every year on Women’s Day, Youth Day, Army’s Day, Party’s Day, Mid-Autumn Festival, New Year Day and annual commendation conference. And other activities such as sports meeting, singing competition, speech contest and photography competition will be held irregularly.
      15、Various clubs: Volunteer Association, cycling club, balloon volleyball club, five-a-side football club, etc.

      Health service:A comprehensive health checkup will be organized every two years. The health checkup will be carried out in accordance with the Administrative Regulations on Occupational Health.
      Welfare subsidies:Fuda Group provides management staff and business backbones with fuel subsidies and phone allowance;
      Festival greetings:Greeting gifts will be given on major festivals such as Mid-Autumn Festival and New Year’s Day.
      Care for employees in special events:he company applies for a collective household to solve the household registration issue of non-local employees. The company actively assists non-local employees to address the schooling issues of their kids. Whenever an employee gets sick and is hospitalized, the company will send staff to see the employee.
      Appraisal and selection:Every year, excellent employees, advanced workers, excellent managers, model workers, excellent teams, Woman Pace-setter, production models and innovation models will be selected, commended and awarded.

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